No matter the number of vehicles, fuel costs average 60% of total fleet operating costs¹. When utilizing GPS, reduction in consumption/ increase in fuel savings is usually top of the list when business owners contact us with an inquiry. With GPS tracking and varying features that Location Based Technologies- PocketFinder provides, you have the tools to get business back on track.

An often-over-looked area? Speeding.

The EPA conducted a study where they found that for every 5 miles per hour driven over the speed limit, it costs businesses 20 cents more for every gallon of gas consumed². While 20 cents now and again doesn’t seem like much, business owners know how quickly expenses multiply.

The trouble is that speeding can often be attributed to drivers wanting to provide outstanding service. Whether its scheduled call or last-minute job, timeliness is important. On top of fuel costs/ consumption, safety, speeding tickets, and mental health (stress from a job well done) are all pertinent factors. LBT PocketFinder has solutions dedicated to help with this.

First and foremost are the speed alerts. Through your account, you set up individual speed thresholds for each device. When the speed is registered over that threshold, you and whomever else is set up will receive notifications of speeding over your set limit. Because the device updates every 60 seconds while in motion, these notifications come in near real time. Paired with this, businesses can download a ‘Speed Report’. You select from a 90 day date range and a device and a downloadable spreadsheet of all Speeding instances for that device are now in one easy place for you. This will allow you to catch patterns and follow up with drivers on better driving habits.

Paired with this, your account interface allows you to see where all your devices have last located. This way, you can see what drivers are closest to what jobs, cutting down on drivers speeding to reach the job site at action solar.

While speeding is just one piece of the puzzle, a significant reduction in fuel costs and more streamlined driving protocol are benefits that can’t be ignored.

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