Yes! We’ll show you how, provide customer examples and hope you’ll see that now is a great time to easily become an LBT customer and add GPS tracking to your business!


Knowledge is your best protection against
business risks & propels both productivity and customer service.

Know where your mobile team is at anytime
from anywhere along with their speeds and routes.

It’s an easy 1-2-3 decision!

1. Measurable cost savings on fuel consumption and productivity

“After only the first month with LBT our fuel bill dropped over 300 dollars per individual driver! With this savings, the devices paid for themselves!”
-Stanley Cooper, Owner Metro Mortuary, Florida Read More

“Keeping Employees Honest”
-Carolyn Hawkins, President Storm Casualty Consulting, Illinois Read More

“I can see to the minute, how long a tech was at a site.”
-Jason Brown, President Greenshield Pest Control, Arizona Read More

Limit unnecessary trips and unauthorized use

  • Motorola study found that implementing a GPS tracking solution resulted in a reduction of travel by an average of 231.2 miles per vehicle each month reducing fuel costs by 22%-38%!

Reduce speed

  • Set speed alerts at 65mph to save! National HVAC study reported fuel cost savings of 20% keeping drivers under 65mph and the EPA estimates that reducing speed by 10mph increases fuel efficiency by almost 20%.

Increase productivity

  • Motorola study found enterprises saved approximately 54 minutes per day and a dispatched overtime reduction of 50% through better routing and more efficient allocation of overtime through field visibility

2. Reduce liability risk and increased customer service

“Recovered stolen truck and equipment”
-Jennie Mckee, Office Manager The Green Gang, Indiana Read More

“Protecting expensive equipment”
-Brian Kramer, Owner Kramer Photography, California Read More

“What I love most about having this solution is my improved coordination with my customers.”
-Ken Gray, Owner Lantana Water Landscaping & Horticulture, Texas Read More

Theft Savings

  • It’s not just about the material cost of theft. It’s also about the loss of productivity and time that impacts your business. Be alerted when your vehicle exits a zone or power is cut to the device.

Insurance discounts

  • Many insurance providers are authorized to offer their customers a 10% discount if they have a GPS tracking solution and ask for a discount

Liability Claims

  • GPS speed data and history can protect you against tickets and false claims

Customer Service

  • Quick response & reduced overtime! When the dreaded near end of day urgent dispatch customer call comes in you’ll know exactly where all your employees are and how long they’ve been there!
  • Easy to use daily activity reports and customer zone reports allow you to quickly see who and when each of your customers was last visited

3. Start up and Support – no risk guarantee

“The user interface is 1000x better than anything we have been using before”
-Paul Rinis, Catering Coordinator Air Gourmet, California & Nevada Read More

“I have been looking for a GPS locating system for years!”
-Brandon Ingram, President/CEO Green-Go-Lawns, Texas Read More

“I have everything that I valued in my previous well known GPS tracking solution at less than half the cost with LBT.”
-Aldi Cibuku, Manager Absolute Interior, Canada Read More

LBT support makes it easy!

  • We’ll set up your account, help you with roll out communication, train your staff and support your business ongoing
  • Have questions about tracking your tow truck lifts, sub accounts, geo-fence zones, alerts, free app, web interface, etc.? No problem, it’s all included, please contact us!
  • Our California and Arizona, English and Spanish speaking support team make it easy to start using GPS with your business today!
  • Try it for 30 days with a full device refund guarantee. Order one today and get started!
  • So what does it look like?

    The device itself is about the size of a deck of cards. Installation is simple, power to the red wire and ground to the black (optional white wire for PTO like tow truck lift). No external antennae’s (that’s really old!). Our customer service team will activate all your devices to your account or you can activate one at a time.

    When you log into your account through the app or the web you’ll see all of your vehicles and intuitive options that include speed alerts, unlimited Geo-fence zones with enter/exit notification and customized account and sub account organization.


Simple Yet Powerful

Intuitive and easy to use web and mobile App access
is critical for all field managers, office dispatch and business owners.

Training and ongoing support by our award winning California and Arizona teams!

We’re upfront about costs, savings and love serving our customers! Reports, alerts and so much more all included in the low monthly service fee! No risk of add on fees to do what you need for your business.

Vehicle Tracker Cost: $99 (Multi unit discount available. Please contact our customer service team for discounts, questions and an easy order link).

Our customers, on average, report saving between $40-$75 per vehicle in just fuel costs in the first month! When you add up the fuel cost and risk liability savings with the productivity, visibility and service gains, making LBT a part of your business is an easy decision!

Please contact customer service for more information or buy one today & start your risk free trial!