For our USA, Canada and Mexico markets our original Personal/Pet and Senior devices run on the GSM wireless platform and our wireless carrier is AT&T. We chose GSM so that our trackers could be used throughout most of the world and our carrier is AT&T with their vast roaming partners. The new PocketFinder+ introduces a new global carrier and is also GSM technology. AT&T has been providing us information on their 2G turn down which will be affecting most every city here in the USA. AT&T has publicly said that they will turn down all US 2G towers by Jan 2017 and we’ve seen this happening at a very quick rate. See more info at

In Canada, our devices primarily run on the Bell and Rogers wireless networks. We have heard that they are considering a transition from 2G to 3G by 2018 but do not have any official information.

Mexico has very strong 2G wireless network coverage and they have officially said that their 2G to 3G transition is planned for 2023 or possibly later.

Please follow this link to view current 2G GSM coverage as reported by wireless carriers in your area. SelectDATA and then select 2G ONLY: AT&T Coverage Map

Our Current Vehicle Tracker and PocketFinder+ Personal Tracker are 3G and will continue to locate after this transition, but if you are using any 2G devices you may be unable to use your device in your area after the 2017 transition. If you start seeing gaps in your connections with the changes, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you in ordering our 3G vehicle devices. The 2G transition for all bands is expected to happen in 2017. We launched a new 3G Personal Device called PocketFinder+ in December 2016 which utilizes all three location services, GPS, Wi-Fi and Cell ID! Vehicle Trackers purchased from LBT/PocketFinder in the US after 09/01/2014 are all 3G.

Why didn’t you transition to 4G instead of 3G? What carriers call 4G is really just a faster 3G. Both 3G and 4G are based on HSPA technology and you’re set for the future with our 3G trackers. For more information on the AT&T 2G Sunset please see the 2G Sunset Primer PDF.

A recent article on AT&T’s 2G turn down schedule click:

AT&T to Shutdown 2G GSM Network by Jan. 1, 2017

The End is Coming: AT&T Reminds Customers About Upcoming 2G Network Shutdown

T-Mobile’s announcement to extend their 2G network coverage is hollow for US residents because more than two-thirds of their US 2G coverage is currently through it’s GSM partnership with AT&T meaning that two-thirds of their current US 2G coverage will be gone in January 2017.

Verizon has begun taking down 2G network for their 4G LTE in NY and Cleveland and has announced that their turn down will be complete by Jan 2021.

LBT is committed to supporting your business or family long term and making the network transitions as well as worldwide usage of our trackers as smooth as possible. Please contact a member of our support team if you have any other questions.

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