Company Background

Location Based Technologies successfully designs and develops game changing GPS location devices that enhance the way business is executed today. We pride ourselves on developing products that are easy to use for both consumer and commercial clients. Location Based Technologies achieves these results by being singularly focused and committed to our customer’s success.

LBT was formed in 2005 and sprang from the need of our Co-President and Chief Development Officer, who as a single parent, wanted to know where his young son was – even when he couldn’t be there. Being a wireless technology developer, he decided that there must be a better way to locate those he loves. Now, with Location Based Technologies, there is. Today, his son is grown and the technology has advanced to the point that we are now able to help you connect with the people and things you care most about. Incorporated in April of 2006, our business continues to grow as we expand our team and global reach.

We build all of our solutions with the customers experience and security firmly in our mind. By investing the time and resources required to build our own proprietary software, we offer a fully integrated seamless and secure solution for both the small and large business. Because we control all elements of LBT’s location system, we have been able to push back traditional barriers of size, battery life and cost to create the best location solutions available today.

Utilizing the U.S. Department of Defense’s multi-billion dollar Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites, existing wireless Global Systems Mobile (GSM) technologies and technologies of our own, our customers are able to locate almost anyone or anything within the wireless network while carrying our devices, whether the device is inside of a building/structure or in the great outdoors. We have the seamless integration of both technologies to save your business valuable time and resources.

Innovation is key in our world as well as in yours. As your business continues forward, it is essential to know the location of your most valuable assets both locally and globally. Our devices are rugged and robust, utilizing both computers and smart phones with the easy to use iOS® and Android® platforms. Customized location solutions will enhance the peace of mind for business leaders who need to know where their high-value people and vehicles are – all with the touch of a button.

LBT has a complete consumer platform line of PocketFinder GPS devices for families, and automobiles. Having launched exclusively selling through Apple Retail Stores® and now expanded online and through other retail channels, the demand for GPS wireless connectivity continues to grow. Our solution provide customers easy to manage, customizable location information from almost anywhere, anytime. It’s all built to match your highly mobile and demanding life!

We are in the business of staying ahead of the curve; keeping both family and business cutting edge. Our company’s focus is to provide a top quality product at a value price to help drive seamless integration across many platforms. Our ability to bring innovative technology to consumers and businesses in a user friendly way is one reason that we continue to be an industry leader.

Your World. Located!

We thank you for looking at our products and we promise to deliver the very best GPS location devices available in the market – today and in the future!