Trucking & Fleets

Stop Leaving Profits on the Road!

Whether you have 1 truck or a fleet of 10… GPS Trackers for Trucks and Fleets are saving truck and fleet owners lots of money and preventing lots of headaches.

Small Businesses

Location Based Technologies’ provides managers with monitoring and reporting capabilities for their mobile assets. Managers can quickly access the information they need online or with a mobile device. Our user interface is sophisticated yet easy-to-use.

Mobile Asset Solutions

Our App platform gives you visibility of your assets even while you’re on the go. Location Based Technologies’ gives businesses the ability to locate and manage assets without the high costs of expensive asset management systems.

Freight & Logistics

Location Based Technologies manufactures small, affordable GPS devices (powered and battery operated) for business owners who seek better results for on-time deliveries, safe drivers, lower fuel costs and increased productivity.

Construction & Equipment

Our accurate and easy-to-use GPS tracking solution helps rental and construction companies locate vehicles, high value assets and other mobile equipment both on and off the site, all from one account.

Ensure Item Safety-Globally

LBT’s Powerful yet easy to use GPS tracking devices and software for global control and data. Purchase your Location Based Technologies device knowing it can protect you or your clients valuables globally on your smart phone.