What does Location Based Technologies believe in and what fuels us to greatness through the day?

We are customer focused. Our mission is to optimize the way people use technology to connect with people and things that they value and care most about in life. We understand that customers are the drivers of value. Customer expectations are what we must strive to meet and exceed. If our customers have a need to locate someone or something, then we pledge to continuously seek out the best way to fulfill that need. We will always be listening!

We strive to be the best at what we do. We focus on providing a top quality product at a “great value” price while maintaining company profitability. We are aggressive at eliminating waste anywhere it can be found. We are always searching for a better way to meet our customers’ needs and to deliver the most effective GPS location devices and solutions.

We value our employees and partners. We treat employees and contracted workers fairly. We strongly encourage their involvement and suggestions in teaming to achieve measurable results and create change. We outsource work functions only to proven and dedicated work teams. We work diligently to communicate our expectations and clear end customer expectations. All this while creating a sense of ownership and stewardship to those working as part of our team.

We make decisions based on data. We encourage all employees and every partner to share their ideas and to give the freedom to foster an entrepreneurial spirit. Decisions are made based on accumulated and supportable data and not predominantly on position or command and control influence.

We deliver on the bottom line. We value every investor and realize that we must compete for their confidence and their investment. We will carefully consider short- and long-term choices and stay focused on our ultimate goal of maximizing company value.