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Idle Time

When running a business that relies on vehicle fleets of any size, there are always anticipated upkeep costs. The goal? To keep those costs necessary and low.

One of the most common problem areas businesses come to PocketFinder with is gas/ vehicle costs not matching with the stated driving habits of the employee. GPS is great because it provides in home senior care los angeles near me up to the minute location reporting and 60 days’ worth of history. But even that won’t tell the whole story.

Consistent and unnecessary idling leads to more gas consumption, in turn leading to more money out of the company wallet each month. In study performed by Ford Motor Co., they found one hour of idling eats as much gas as driving 25 miles. Coinciding with this finding, the EPA discovered that turning on your engine only uses as much fuel as 30 seconds of idling. Cutting back on vehicle idling is one of the most effective ways to save on fuel costs.

To help businesses combat this, PocketFinder implemented an Idle Time report. This type of reporting lets you download dates and time stamps of idling for any vehicle on your account. With the right tools in place, you can quickly be on track to saving your business money.

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