“Now we waste no time looking for boats on the water because we can immediately pull up their location on the computer or iPhone.”

– Kathy Weiss, Manager



At A Glance

Company Name: Adventures Boat Rentals
Location: Newport Beach, CA
Industry: Electric Boat Rental
Business Challenge: Locate Boats & Customer Safety


At Adventures Boat Rentals, we rent electric boats, kayaks and stand up paddle boards for customers to enjoy Newport’s Back Bay and Harbor.

“The zone alerts have been key to keeping our customers safe”.

– Kathy Weiss, Manager

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Customer Story

In the past, once a customer left the dock with one of our boats, we had no idea where they were actually going or when exactly they would be back. We provide a map with suggested routes, verbal instructions where not to go and a specific time to return but this was not enough. We knew that there had to be a service that would allow us to track where all of our boats were at any given time. Installing LBT’s vehicle tracker was a great solution. As soon as we installed the trackers on the boats we knew that we had made the right choice. Set up, activation and use was very simple. If the trackers were to get moist or wet it was not a concern because the devices are rugged and water resistant.

Keeping Customers Safe

Most importantly, this tracking service keeps our customers safe. We have set up zone alerts in strategic areas around the bay. If a customer happens to drive the boat into a restricted zone, we are immediately notified on our phones. We can then watch so see if they decide to turn around or if they stay in that restricted area. In some cases, we have text messaged or called customers to alert them that they have put themselves in danger by going past the allowed areas. With the tides and currents of the ocean its much safer for our customers if we know where they are located at all times. The zone alerts have been key to keeping our customers safe.

Improved Operations and Response

Not only do the trackers help with keeping our customers safe, they help us in our daily operations. We used to have customers call and say “I don’t know where we are”, or “we need assistance”. Newport Harbor is not small, and it often took up to an hour to find our “lost” customer. Now we waste no time looking for boats on the water because we can immediately pull up their location on the computer or iPhone. We can also see where the boats are when they are supposed to return. We don’t have to wait on the dock for the boat to come in. Workers can look on their iPhones or on the web to see how far away they are from the dock. This is especially useful in the winter months; employees can stay warm inside the office until they get close. All of our employees love this feature!

Saving Time and Money

Overall the trackers we have on our boats have drastically helped our operations, saving us both time and money. We recommend LBT’s tracker to anyone looking to track their boat, as this solution has been a great addition to our business.