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An intuitive and easy to use GPS vehicle tracking system that lets you track and manage a single vehicle or an entire fleet from our website or your smartphone with the free mobile app for iOS and Android.

* Monthly Service Fee: $15.95 USD US, Canada and Mexico. No Contract Required. Please contact us for other country rates and for multi-unit discounts.

Dimensions & Weight

The device is 2.5″ x 3.23″ x .88″ and weighs only 4 ounces.

Package Contents

  • Device attachment, installation and user guide

*Global coverage requires an additional international roaming plan.

LBT GPS trackers are the easiest and most reliable way to stay in full control over your vehicles and fleets, no matter if you have one or many vehicles. You’ll gain considerable value from reduced fuel costs, increasing productivity and improving customer service.


  • See all your vehicles on a single map and in the same account
  • Near real-time locates and alerts
  • Save $$ – Lower fuel costs, time waste, reduce liability
  • Increase Profits – Faster response times and better customer service
  • Detailed location information: address, speed, heading, altitude, lat/long and location on a map
  • MADE IN THE USA! *Low service fee of $15.95 US, Canada, Mexico. No Contract.



  • Full-time power with backup battery
  • Unlimited Zones and Speed Limit Alerts
  • Alerts sent via email, text message and push notifications
  • Unlimited sub accounts for various department and supervisor access
  • A-GPS, GPS and GSM cellular technologies – Global Capability

This GPS Vehicle Tracking solution is specially designed to provide long-term and hassle-free tracking of nearly any type vehicle. The device is hard-wired to the power source of your vehicle (or powered asset) with motion sensors to protect the battery of your vehicle when parked. This provides sustained power to the device and it removes the need for manual charging. There is also a backup battery in the event the full time power is disrupted along with a power cut text and email alert. This means constant tracking and reliable performance.

Vehicle Tracking Solution that’s Easy to Use

Fleet tracking systems have a tendency to be overly complicated and clunky. Worse yet, they often require setup costs and lead-time. Our GPS fleet tracking system is designed for fast implementation and ease of use. Installation takes only minutes by connecting the power and ground wires. You can do it yourself!

The interface is built to be intuitive and easy for all team members to quickly begin using it. You can set zones, receive speed limit alerts and easily manage your devices from our web-based log in or app. You can also review reports and history to make actionable decisions that save you time and money.

Go Mobile

Our free app for iOS and Android was praised by Apple Executives for its simplicity and effectiveness. You can now locate and manage all your vehicles and personnel with the touch of a button. The web log in is also compatible with most mobile browsers.


Please contact us for multi-unit discounts, international coverage list or any other questions that you may have. We don’t have a separate sales team that will endlessly call you and when you buy hand you off to an outsourced call center. Our employee Customer Service Team sells through service and one of our CSR’s be your account manager. Please contact us today and we’re confident that you’ll see the difference!