“The user interface is 1000x better than anything we have been using before, it’s incredible!”

– Paul Rinis, Catering Coordinator


At A Glance

Company Name: Air Gourmet
Location: Greater Los Angeles/Orange County Area, California;
Las Vegas, Nevada
Industry: Airline Catering
Business Challenge: Coordination, Logistics and Location


Air Gourmet is the premier inflight caterer in the Los Angeles, Orange County and Las Vegas areas, where they serve some of the most demanding clients in the world. They must be ready to provide quality products at a moment’s notice. Voted #1 in West Coast Inflight Caterer by Corporate Flight Attendants in Aviation International News.

“Our company started with another company’s GPS device. The units kept dying, and it took minutes to actually locate. I then started to look for a better solution, and I found exactly what I was looking for!” 
-Paul Rinis, Catering Coordinator

Customer Story

“The catering business is very volatile. We receive many pop up orders and depending on where the drivers are on the road, we then assess if we can take another order. We don’t like to say “No” to clients. To accept last minute requests, we need to know exactly where our drivers are located at all times. We have our drivers equipped with the PocketFinder personal GPS devices to provide greater flexibility and responsiveness. When an order requires a driver to change from one car to another we can still track their progress since they keep the locator with them. It works for us.

Before GPS location, we had drivers that didn’t always give us information about their location or couldn’t answer their phone while driving. It is a big problem if we can’t get a hold of our drivers when trying to fill orders. Instead of calling the driver, I am able to look at the easy to use interface and know exactly where they are. I’m actually starting to locate our drivers strictly using the PocketFinder instead of calling them. This in turn allows me stay on the phone with the customer to place the order.

PocketFinder makes us more efficient and we can stay ahead of the competition! The user interface is 1000x better than anything we have been using before, it’s incredible! When I click the locate button it is almost instantaneous. And I can’t believe how accurate it is. All the information is there. I loved the zones feature and how I was able to create zones inside of zones. This PocketFinder GPS location product is light-years beyond what I had before!” –Paul Rinis