Mobile Asset Solution

Location Based Technologies’ Tracking Solution is perfect for businesses that need the ability to locate and manage their mobile team from the office or while in the field, without the high cost of expensive GPS systems. All of our dedicated GPS/GSM devices utilize the same powerful and intuitive End User Interface, so your experience will be the same no matter which device you choose. Our California and Arizona team is ready to talk with you about your business needs and help provide solutions.


  • Low setup costs

– No need for expensive custom software or long implementation times. LBT’s easy-to-use system works right out of the box; simply activate the device and start locating with a low monthly rate.

  • Multiple devices

– Manage multiple devices on a single account and allow multiple users to access single account.

  • Save money

– Reduce fuel costs by monitoring speeds, reduce employee out of route driving and routing smarter.

  • Enhance asset utilization

– Unlimited zones and zone enter/exit alerting along with current location and 60 day downloadable history. Know where your assets are located at any time – and from almost anywhere in the world.

  • Improve security

– Military grade firewall encryption, redundancy servers, direct telco server communication and US based customer service. Securely know when your vehicles or people are on the move, project accurate arrival times, and have reports to document history!


“I can see to the minute, how long a tech was at a site. This feature alone has helped us streamline our internal process!”
– Jason Brown, President

Click this link to see how LBT’s Tracking Solution is helping business owners.