Freight Tracking & Logistics

We created technology that tracks location, speed, altitude and direction. Next, we keep your information private and secure while providing the most intuitive and easy to use Web and App interfaces.

We make it easy for you to track delivery or pick up from your office or on the go. Set zones to notify recipients when a package or delivery is about to arrive, know if the truck carrying your fragile shipment is speeding or out of route and have peace of mind answering your customers calls knowing where all your trucks are.

Our small GPS devices are affordable and the LBT solution features the easiest-to-use interface on the market today. Please contact our customer care team and we’d be happy to talk about how we can help take your company to the next level in service and productivity.


“I absolutely love having the devices installed on my fleet. I could not find another product that is this affordable!”

– Brandon Ingram, President/CEO

Click this link to see how LBT’s Tracking Solution is helping business owners.