Construction & Equipment

Multiple job sites and a growing number of employees demand increased visibility to manage it all. Increase your operational visibility right from your smart phone by knowing where all of your vehicles are at all time and receive alerts when they enter or exit job sites. Reporting provides a log of sites visited and amount of time spent there. Small PocketFinder+ can alert you when tools leave sites and where they go. U.S. customer service is ready to support you at every step.

It doesn’t need to be expensive to have the latest tracking technology make your life easier!


  • Save money – Reduce out of route driving, be alerted when your equipment or supervisors enter or exit a work site, know which equipment is under utilized and quickly find vehicles, equipment and items when you need to. Many insurance companies offer a discount for GPS tracked vehicles.
  • Enhance asset utilization – Track multiple units on one account and sort assets based on type. Know where all your assets are located at any time – and from almost anywhere in the world.
  • Improve service – Improve customer service and time management. Know where your supervisors are at all times and see which job sites they’ve been to in 60 day history.
  • Improve safety & security – Know when your assets are on the move, what speeds they are going, and whether your equipment is being moved even while you are off the job.

“We are very happy with the low price of the product and the great customer service. We highly recommend Location Based Technologies.”

– Jose A. Rubio Ugarte, Owner

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