“The GPS vehicle trackers help us tremendously in daily coordination, accountability and customer service.”

– Jennie Mckee, Office Manager, The Green Gang


At A Glance

Company Name: The Green Gang
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Industry: Landscaping/Horticultural
Business Challenge: Small Business & Asset Management – Operational Efficiency


The Green Gang Inc is a horticultural service company that has been family owned serving central Indiana since 1981. Their services are comprehensive from exterior to interior and they strive to achieve perfection on their grounds and in customer service. Their experience and dedication to setting the customer apart is impressed upon every member of their team. Business, property managers, and private residences across Indianapolis to surrounding cities have trusted their services with proven results.

“Without our Vehicle Locators I am not sure if we would have had our stolen truck returned to us so quickly, or even at all!” 
– Jennie Mckee, Office Manager, The Green Gang

Customer Story

“A week or so ago we had the LBT Vehicle Tracker device installed in our trucks. We initially bought the product to be able to check up on our dispatched crews. The locators help us tremendously in daily coordination, accountability, and various other ways. We did not foresee the unthinkable would happen to us. We came into work this morning, and saw that our lot had been broken into. Then we realized that one of our trucks, attached trailer, and equipment had been stolen. Initially, we did not even remember our trucks were equipped with PocketFinder Vehicle Locators. As soon as we did remembered we logged into our account, and were able to locate the missing truck immediately!

Not wanting to go in search for the truck without the authorities, we filed a police report. We were able to tell them the exact location of the vehicle, and the closest officer to the location was dispatched. The vehicle was found within two hours of being taken and within 30 minutes of our knowing it had been taken. Even without the truck and trailer back in our possession; we had peace of mind knowing its location.

In addition the ability to track the history of the vehicle, allowed us to follow the route of the vehicle and the amount of time spent at its various spots. This undoubtedly helped the police, since we gave the report to them as well considerable information about where the truck stopped and was unloaded before finally being left empty. I am sure that the fact that the police showed up within two hours of being taken was noticed by the individuals and will serve as a caution against future involvement.

Even with some of our equipment stolen, we are glad that the truck and trailer returned! Without recovering the truck and trailer, this would have been a blow financially to our company. Without our Vehicle Locator I am not sure if we would have had our stolen truck returned to us so quickly! Purchasing the LBT Small Business Solution turned out to be invaluable decision for our company. I am very grateful to have had made the decision to install their vehicle locators in our fleet.”- Jennie McKee, Office Manager