“The whole solution is easy to use, easy to set up, and easy to install.”
– Jeremy Klapprodt, Owner


At A Glance

Company Name: Klapprodt Pools
Location:  Texas
Industry: Pool Service
Business Challenge: Coordination, logistics and location


The Klapprodt Pool Companies are family owned and operated. The founder, Fred Klapprodt, began building swimming pools in 1987. Since that time, the name Klapprodt has become synonymous with quality and customer satisfaction in the swimming pool industry. He and his oldest son formed the current construction company in 1997. Klapprodt’s Pools has experienced steady growth through the years and has expanded through the creation of a service company, as well as a retail store. Fred’s other two sons, Jeremy and Josh, have since joined up with the companies, in addition to a number of longtime friends who do not share the last name, but the pride and workmanship that go with it.

“Products are supposed to work as they are advertised but what makes this GPS tracking company stand out is its phenomenal customer service!” 
– Jeremy Klapprodt, Owner

Customer Story

“Originally I was looking for a GPS tracking solution for my pool company through Apple’s App store. When I found the PocketFinder app I hoped that I had found exactly what I was looking for. I was first impressed by the fact that Apple was selling the product. This gave me great assurance that the product would fit our company’s needs. We put a few devices to the test and quickly confirmed that this solution helped us streamline our processes and gain quick access to our employees while they are at a customer’s location. We ordered more for the rest of our fleet.

The PocketFinder GPS tracker is extremely user friendly. The whole solution is easy to use, easy to set up and easy to install. The maps are clear and provide detailed location information for our drivers, supervisors and employees.

Now if we have an emergency call, our dispatchers are able to know where the closest technician is located and send them out. This tracking solution makes us much more efficient than having to call each individual to see if they are close. Tracking each of our vehicles eliminates unnecessary coordination time. We typically connect from the website when in the office and use the mobile app when in the field.

While we don’t use all the features like zones and speed limit alerts that PocketFinder has available, we love having the option to create limited user identifications. This allows our supervisors to access their own team of employees with ease. It segments the users while allowing our controller to see everyone. What a great tool!
If you’re wondering, the PocketFinder works just like it’s supposed to. Products are supposed to work as they are advertised but what makes this GPS tracking company stand out is its phenomenal customer service! I was called after I purchased the product online to see if I had any questions. This type of human follow up is rare these days. Everyone that I have ever spoken with at the company has been knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The people behind this company will be the key to their future success!”