Business Challenge:  LBT GPS Software Helps Logistics Company

“Our customers needed accurate and detailed updates – on demand, this LBT solution is exactly what we needed.”  Read More
– Alex Marinov, President


At A Glance

Company Name: RCG Logistics
Location: Nationwide – Based in Sacramento, California
Industry: Logistics and Transportation
Business Challenge: Tracking Equipment with up to the minute updates for customers


RCG Logistics LLC offers auto transportation services and innovative freight solutions that bring value and convenience to their clients. As a logistics company they offer nationwide service to customers that at times need to have up to the minute location information of their valuable freight.

“LBT has innovative software, is affordable and so much easier and convenient for us.” 
– Alex Marinov, President

Customer Story

“Our company needed to find a solution to track our truck equipment and provide more accurate updates to our customers. Cell phones provided spotty coverage and when drivers do answer them they often don’t even know where they are. It is great that I am able to locate where they are and where the shipment is. Our customers needed to get more accurate, detailed updates, on demand and the LBT tracking solution is exactly what we needed. LBT’s innovative software, is affordable and so much easier and convenient for us to use.

Increasing the safety of our drivers is one of our main priorities. We primarily utilize the speed alerts that transfer into reports. We print out the converted PDF, and give them to our safety officer, who regulates our activity. It is not uncommon to take bulk data and then process it for internal regulation. Overall, my experience from ease of implementation to customer service has been great.”
– Alex Marinov, President